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Navigating without a mouse is possible by using enter key and tab key. Please use the tab key for navigation. After the first call of the website, links will appear one by one.  Now you can choose whether you want to access the superordinate navigation, continuative navigation, green area of information or the actual content of the site (supported by all browsers).

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Using the access keys you can choose links of the continuative navigation without a mouse (not supported by all browsers).
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1. Superordinate navigation: Main navigation
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6. Navigation at the bottom


Green area of information

Search function: simple search/advanced search
Find Your Hospital: direct navigation to various facilities of the clinic
Contact: Information on contacting particular facilities
Imprint: Information on operator of this site
Directions: This is how you get to the clinic/facilities
Sitemap: Overview of websites of particular facilities/units
Glossary: Here you can find abbreviations and technical terms!
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